The team

The family trio according their mentality.

The three members of our team are part of the same family and cats, dogs, and horses, were also part of our family since ever and brought us so much joy and happiness.

Conscientious is our guideline, which is why we strive to shed light on this controversial subject. May this website help all beings to be happy!


Samuel Lavoie

I’ve always been a dog lover and when I think that many people consider animals as objects and cause them harm it gives me chills and makes me create websites to enlighten people’s choice in front of their needs and those of the animals.

I believe that we all have a role to play in our society, so here is one of mine.

I thank you for your interest in it.


Sophie Lavoie
Co founder

I am passionate about dogs and horses. Zoothérapeute by training, I give myself the mission of harmonizing human-animal relationships for the well-being of all species on earth. Hope this site motivates you to take care of animals and be the best human for them. Thank you from the heart.


Manon Lavoie
Co founder

Directly from the stars, I am… humane, woman, mother, grandmother full of love for all beings…
Happy of being born to live experiences with nature that inspired me so much throughout my life. Artwork, painting horse portraits was a real pleasure for me living with horses at home and sharing animal’s presence with my children. Gratitude! 


This is Nala, our beloved family dog.

She is energetic, sometimes a little too much and she loves to play with her wooden stick. She is of the Australian Bouvier breed and is red in color. She loves to walk in the forest and discover nature freely. She has good aptitudes to gather our family, like a herding dog.