4 basic tips for a harmonious relationship with your dog


How to maintain an harmonious relationship with your dog

Obviously, if you use these 4 basics tips, you will have a pleasant relationship with your dog.

1. Have a connection with your dog.

At all times, you should have eye contact with your dog when naming his name or asking for his attention. This contact is essential to have good human-dog communication. Once you’ve connected to your dog, place your order and be patient. Take your time to communicate with your companion by showing him what you want. It is also necessary to pay attention to your dog several times a day and meet his need. This way, it does not become overbearing or agitated and needs to be noticed by barking. Like children, they can negatively demand attention.

2. Develop mutual trust for good relationship

The more time you spend with him, the more trust builds up between you. The moments you share with him must varied throughout the day as well as the activities. It is part of your responsibility to respond to his natural needs to maintain his physical, emotional, and mental health. Therefore, your dog can develop all his potential and less barking problems. He counts on you! Take the opportunity to show him a new trick, a new game, or a new place to stimulate his concentration, his self-confidence, or his curiosity. Enjoy the beautiful moments spent in his company and have fun! 

3. Understand each other for harmonious relationship

It is obvious that the language between man and dog is mainly located at the non-verbal level and goes a little through words. To understand your dog, you have to be attentive and observe his behaviour (lying down, active, jumps, barks, runs, sniffs, stares, licks his lips, rolls up his hair on his back …) which reflects his state of mind. By barking, he is trying to communicate with you, then you have to try to understand his intentions. On the other hand, he studies all your gestures, he adapts his behaviour in line with his environment and the state of mind of his owner. 

Likewise, we must learn to communicate with our body language. The sound and tone of your voice, precise and short words, a physical posture, gestures, emotions consistent with the intention of the message sent. So that he understands your expectations. You have to repeat often and it takes more time and good timing for him to associate the behavior to be added with the instructions. Many misunderstandings in the relationship between the owner and the dog are the sources of all the mutual frustrations and all the problems that result from barking.

4. Encourage your dog and be proud of him

If you like your dog, he will feel useful and responsible for his good behaviour. Give him treats and encouragements to showcase he is good boy, and he’ll be motivated and available to you. Be proud of his little victories and show him your appreciation with a cheerful voice and energetic caress. This is positive reinforcement and they can help you to reduce or stop barking and have a harmonious relationship with dog.

In short

The quality of your relationship with your dog is up to you. Every small daily gesture counts for him. His behaviours reflects the way you relate to him. We also suggest you the dog barking training that will help you to have an harmonious relationship with your dog that shares your life every day. Moreover you can see the following site for humane dog training methods https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/general-pet-care/behavioral-help-your-pet

According to you, which points are to be improved and which points are to be maintained the most in the relationship with your dog? We can’t wait to read you!

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